The Campaign Against Urban Sprawl to the East (of Chippenham) is
led by a group of concerned residents, including county, town and parish
councillors. There is also a CAUSE mailing list, which is open to everyone, which is kept informed and consulted on key issues. CAUSE is independent and has no public or private sector funding.

Our Objectives:

We are dedicated to the preservation of the Avon and Marden
Valleys on the left bank of the River Avon, between Chippenham and Calne.


We currently have three specific objectives:

- To prevent the massive 7500 house expansion proposed for the Avon and
Marden Valleys by Wiltshire Council, contrary to its own Local Plan and with
no public consultation
- To prevent the building of distributor roads across the green open spaces to the east and south of Chippenham which are intended to serve those housing developments and which are also not approved in the Council’s Local Plan.
- To create and promote a fresh positive vision for the Avon and Marden
Valleys, including its valuable farmland.