HOW TO RESPOND- Public Consultation on the Local Plan
HOW TO RESPOND- Public Consultation for the Chippenham Local Plan

The Wiltshire consultation on their housing plans has now begun and they have finally published the consultation material. The link is at the bottom of this message.  

A couple of preliminary points:

- You do not have to use their electronic forms but can also respond by sending an email, or via the post. Details on the first page. 

- You can’t save a part response on the electronic response  system as it (very unhelpfully) doesn’t have a save facility. Once started, you have to finish, or abandon. 

- There is an important Sustainability Appraisal, which is one of the main justifications for the location of a huge extra housing allocation on the green space between Chippenham and Calne. To find the SA, scroll right down to Supporting Documents, click on the + sign, and then scroll down to the SA documents.  


- Remember the closing date is March 9th. One for the calendar! 


- All documentation, including the links to respond can be found on the Wiltshire Council website (link below). The key summary document link is "Planning for Chippenham (3.09MB)"

- Refer to our CAUSE Response document for suggestions of aspects to include in your response (link below).


Local Plan Review Consultation Material:

CAUSE Response Document

Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 10.06.50.png

  • The new road will NOT reduce Chippenham's traffic congestion but, in fact, make it worse. A single new distributor road cannot both alleviate existing traffic pressures and accommodate 10,000 new cars!

  • This is a MASSIVE proposed development of 7,500 new homes. The land is largely being provided by Wiltshire council, who are proposing to sell off council farms, a much needed agricultural amenity.

  • In light of the publicly declared environmental emergency, now is NOT the time to be building houses and the related infrastructure on green field sites and unspoilt river landscapes. These are our best defence against climate change.

  • With climate change a very imminent and growing threat, we should NOT be building developments that will exacerbate flood risks. This year, the highest ever water levels were recorded. This poses a very real threat to homes. 

  • Wiltshire Council conducted informal 'roadshows', with the intention of finding out whether or not the public were in favour of the development. It was reported that 60% of participants were NOT

  • This scheme has been devised by Wiltshire council to meet their housing targets and they plan to inflict it on Chippenham- ignoring environmental and public concerns from those who will be directly affected!

We need to act quickly to stop this devastating development. Sign our petition to tell Wiltshire Council that they do NOT have the support of the community! 


Write to your MP and speak out against this development. To find out who to contact, see the list above.

- Wiltshire Local Plan Review consultation running from 13th January until 9th March

- Full Council Meeting for Chippenham Town Council, Wednesday 24th March


Please consider making a donation to “CAUSE”. We have already raised funding for the first leaflet campaign and to initiate a biodiversity survey of the River Marden.   We desperately need more contributions, however small, in order to widen our publicity and get more expert or legal input. Wiltshire Council are spending a massive £5m just on planning for the new roads. Whilst we can’t hope to match this, we will make use of the expertise of our supporters, liaise with other specialist groups e.g. Campaign for the Protection of Rural England and very carefully target any funds we raise to counter the proposed development. Your contribution will be secured in a dedicated bank account and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.


We would love to hear from you if you can spare some time to help us with the campaign. Perhaps you have specialist industry knowledge, or would just like to help posting leaflets or manning our stand at local fetes.

Please do get in touch on our contact page, or click here.


Who do I write to?

CAUSE is working with various Wiltshire councillors, Town and Parish councillors who are opposed to the proposals and the way the Cabinet has gone about imposing them. Drop us a line via our contact page if you’d like to know who to get in touch with.


Or you may wish to write to Cllr Philip Whitehead, who is the Leader of Wiltshire Council and heads up the Cabinet who has made all the decisions about the HIF bid so far.

There are 98 Wiltshire Councillors in total.

Click here to find the councillor who represents your area.


Other people you may wish to write to:

Michelle Donelan MP for Chippenham

James Gray MP for North Wiltshire

Cllr Peter Hutton Chair, Chippenham Area Board

Cllr Christine Crisp Chair, Calne Area Board

Cllr Sandie Webb, Leader, Chippenham Town Council

Cllr Robert Merrick, Mayor, Calne Town Council

Bremhill Parish Council

Langley Burrell Parish Council

Calne Without Parish Council