HOW TO RESPOND- Wiltshire Council Consultation on the HIF Road 

Response to the Wiltshire Council Consultation on the HIF Road across the Avon and Marden

valley green open space

Closing date March 12


- In the Future Chippenham Road route options comment form, there is no obvious place to "Say No to the Road".


- If you wish to "Say No to The Road", in question 5 tick the small box that says "Other"


- Then in Question 6 use the free form large box to state that you do not want any road at all and give reasons why.


- You can also email Future Chippenham to express your disappointment that no road is not an option on their form!

- You can find the Council consultation at:


- The link to the e-form is half way down the page. You can also find the promotional video of the options at:


CAUSE’s objections to the Future Chippenham road consultation are on the following lines (other

suggestions welcome of course, thanks):

  • We do not agree that a road is necessary or that WC should be consulting upon a route before even consulting on the number of houses and their location, which by doing so attempts to predetermine the Local Plan; 

  • The Council has not yet made a case for thousands more houses in Chippenham and its housing targets are nearly 5,000 more than even the Government is requesting; 

  • This is not a proper use of taxpayers’ money – our money!  To boost developers’ profits! 

  • The road will be a distributor road to serve new housing estates and will worsen congestion and air pollution in Chippenham and its surrounding areas;

  • The road and the massive housing development will not only concrete over the open space between Chippenham and Calne but destroy local several working farms, just at a time when we need more locally grown food; 

  • All the options on offer would be immensely damaging in terms of environmental impact, traffic impacts and additional greenhouse gas emissions.



About the video – there is a simple way to dislike it – just click on the thumbs down. You may need a Google or YouTube account, though. You can also add to the comments below it. And join those who say we simply don’t need it. 


About the consultation -  Questions 5 and 6 on their form are a big opportunity to say ‘Not build the road’, or some such, and give reasons in box 6. We suggest you repeat reasons for not needing and building the road in each of the boxes 8,9 and 10..  


If you prefer, just send an email to  If so, keep a copy.  


Numbers matter in these situations. So please respond to both the consultation and the video and encourage others to do so.


  • The new road will NOT reduce Chippenham's traffic congestion but, in fact, make it worse. A single new distributor road cannot both alleviate existing traffic pressures and accommodate 10,000 new cars!

  • This is a MASSIVE proposed development of 7,500 new homes. The land is largely being provided by Wiltshire council, who are proposing to sell off council farms, a much needed agricultural amenity.

  • In light of the publicly declared environmental emergency, now is NOT the time to be building houses and the related infrastructure on green field sites and unspoilt river landscapes. These are our best defence against climate change.

  • With climate change a very imminent and growing threat, we should NOT be building developments that will exacerbate flood risks. This year, the highest ever water levels were recorded. This poses a very real threat to homes. 

  • Wiltshire Council conducted informal 'roadshows', with the intention of finding out whether or not the public were in favour of the development. It was reported that 60% of participants were NOT

  • This scheme has been devised by Wiltshire council to meet their housing targets and they plan to inflict it on Chippenham- ignoring environmental and public concerns from those who will be directly affected!

We need to act quickly to stop this devastating development. Sign our petition to tell Wiltshire Council that they do NOT have the support of the community! 


Write to your MP and speak out against this development. To find out who to contact, see the list above.

Chippenham TC meeting on Future Chippenham consultation response: 7pm 4th March.

Contact Heather Rae if you would like to speak.